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How to Purchase

This is a B2B website.  We can sell to individuals, but the product quantities for sale will typically be too large for the individual coffee drinker.  Also, we still charge sales tax if you purchase coffee as an individual. For companies we charge sales tax on all orders unless you have updated your state sales tax forms with us, we don’t want to get chased by the tax collector!  It’s easy to purchase coffee from us...

Questions we often get:


Do you supply coffee brewers?

No, we charge considerably less than our competitors, so you make even more money.  With places like www.webrestaurant.com you can purchase your brewers cheaper than we can sell them to you.  

Why can’t I track my orders?

We are a growing second-generation family business, as such, we are constantly improving our ordering database.  That option is coming soon but please be aware we turn our orders around within 2 business days and send all packages ground UPS unless you choose other shipping options.

How fast will my order arrive?

In most instances we turn around our orders in 2 business days, after that whatever shipping options you choose will dictate delivery timelines.  We also have a RUSH option at checkout, if we can make the 3pm cutoff for our UPS pick up your order will ship out that day!     

How can I decrease my prices?  

We offer volume discounts once you reach a certain level of coffee purchased.  Once this is done the price listed for the product will be your discounted price.    

Why do I see shipping charges?  

We offer free shipping for all orders above $150.  Any order below that level will be charged a discounted shipping charge.  Of course, any expedited shipping service is always charged.    

Is there a minimum order?  

We do not have a minimum order.  We sell only larger quantities of product.  If you are planning on using the product yourself that is up to you.  We just won’t take the tax calculation off your account.  

What if I forget my login credentials?  

Please email us at customerservice@mgcoffee.com, and we will send you your login credentials again.      

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